What we do…

At Warehouse Werx, we provide you a service others cannot duplicate. We sell pallet flow rack and other industrial warehouse and storage equipment such as cantilever rack, industrial shelving, mezzanine platforms and more!



Ideally suited in a FIFO environment, this dense storage system can provide the flexibility of handling multiple pallets with a number of SKU’s. Pallet flow rack reduces product handling, inventory shrinkage and forklift traffic. Specialized forklift equipment is not necessary for pallet flow racking. See More


An ideal way of storing and organizing a variety of items. Shelving not only helps organizes items for storage and picking but also helps maximize available space. Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations that best suit your needs. Drawers are also available for secure storage of small and high value items.


Double deep racking offers up a denser storage option than single selective. Ideally suited for multiple pallet storage of the same SKU, double deep storage can offer up to a 60% increase in pallet positions. A specialized forklift is necessary for deep reach racking and several racking configurations are available.


Selective racking is the best solution when it’s necessary to keep a wide variety of product. Offering 100% selectability of product, selective pallet racking has the flexibility be configured to work with just about any forklift on the market today.


A dense storage option when a large number of pallets and a minimum number of SKU’s are required to be stored. Drive-In pallet racking will also enable the storage of “unstackable” product and does not require any specialized equipment.


A dense storage option that provides greater selectivity to SKU’s and can be configured from two to six pallets deep. Properly configured, pushback pallet racking has the flexibility to handle a variety of products and will help prevent product damages from unnecessary handling.